Exploring Malaga w/Dan

Recently we indulged in a mini-break to the beautiful and culture rich city of Malaga. Not only does it boast of multiple vast beaches, it is bursting the breath taking views. I’d been to Malaga once before, visiting Torremolinos briefly while passing through on my way to Granada (also beautiful), this time we stayed a little way away from the city centre.


The flight to Malaga was unbelievably comfy, smooth and was over quickly. Exactly what you’d expect from a flight. Arriving at the airport, at the arrivals gate there was a guy with my name written on a clipboard. That might not be a big deal to anyone else, but to me, it was a moment, I felt like a somebody… like a celebrity. In seconds that moment was shattered – my name didn’t fit on the clipboard.


The hired car was nicer than I was expecting, I really have to commend the transport service. We were comfortable, in a air conditioned car cruising through night-time Malaga.

Passing the city centre, the car took us to Hotel Zenit. From the outside, it looked modest, quiet, decent. The inside; was surprising, marble floors, simple and clean decor, and inviting. Unfortunately, I can’t speak Spanish, and I applaud those who learn the basics of the country they travel to. I really should have, because a simple gracias, hola, and cómo etás is not sufficient to get through a holiday.

Hungry, we discovered a nearby Dominos, and ordered what we thought was a Hawaiian stuffed crust pizza, and chicken wings, only to be presented with a second stuffed crust pizza with chicken and mushrooms. Determined to make the best of things, Dan ordered the chicken wings. My God were they were dry, (and I mean very dry), what a waste!


Back at the hotel, I got comfortable and flicked through the TV channels. We all know you can watch a Telenovella without subtitles, grasp the raw Latin passion and follow the story without understanding what the actors are saying. Their portrayal of the characters tells you all you need to know. After indulging in some of the drama, I turned off the TV and turned to Netflix to watch some Family Guy.


The next few days seemed to merge into one, after waking up a little disoriented forgetting I had travelled. We decided to hit the city centre and have a little wander around. There was some gorgeous street art on the way in, and some lovely boutiques. One in particular caught my eye, an Arabic inspired piece with some gorgeous handmade leather bags and sandals decorated in the window.

Driven by desire to get a bite and escape from the berating sun we fled to a nearby cafe. After re-fuelling, we headed further into the centre, passing through what we later discovered was a park, stumbling across the beach, Playa de la Malaguetta, almost by accident.


We decided a tour would be a great way to the rest of the city, as it was far too hot to walk everywhere. Armed with a new plan, I decided to take a segway tour around the town. I wish you could see my stumbling and squealing as I attempted to ride it around town, or how ridiculous I looked grinning as I trailed behind the instructor, every few minutes slowing down because I was terrified of falling. I did get better, but I won’t go as far as to say that I mastered it, but I didn’t fall … winning! I am pleased to report that it went well, I toured the city centre, really enjoyed it and Dan found it absolutely hilarious!


After the segway, I boarded a sightseeing bus tour to see the other points of interest outside of the centre. I wasn’t effectively warned that this bus would climb a hill. The hill I had seen earlier but decided to stay well away from! I’m not kidding, the bus climbed it. All the way to the top. Castillo Gilbralfo. Why? Why me? I’m afraid of heights! Dan was really calm, and encouraged me to just focus on the views. The view, though stunning was a little terrifying. Feeling calmer, I started to take it the staggering views, granted the sheer height was scary, but it really was something to behold.


We got on the segways, climbed the Castillo Gibralfo, discovered a beach, navigated the city and had an excellent best mini-break. It was a great holiday, the first of many…


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