So, can we talk about depression & anxiety?

stress-anxiety-depressionCan we talk about depression and anxiety?
Can we talk about the mid-university slump just before your deadlines are finished?
Can we talk about dissertations &final exams?

How do you really feel? I can imagine if you’ve come this far some part of you knows you can continue… But what if you don’t feel like it? What if you’d rather just sleep for a week and ignore the last stretch of your uni-marathon?

Everybody gets depressed from time to time, everybody feels low, everybody worries about the outcome of all their hard work. It’s so understandable, and oh-so natural. You are not alone.

Why is it that depression often comes hand in hand with anxiety? Why must we have both, & at the same time? It’s like their siblings, and anxiety is the annoying little brother that depression has to take everywhere. It’s very ewww to be honest with you. I’m not going to tell you it’s all in your head, I can imagine that won’t be helpful.

What I will say is; take a deep breath, get up, walk over to the mirror and tell yourself how amazing, intelligent, worthy and magnificent you are. Then say it again. Keep saying it until you convince yourself. You are so much stronger than you know.

1 in 5 students have to put up with depression and his annoying little brother. Check out this helpful article on The Conversation.

It’s the home stretch, & you can so do it! Exams are only for a few hours, once they are done, they are done! A dissertation (though it sounds super scary) is only a long essay, a way of showcasing your knowledge on your chosen subject. Have fun with it, use all of those fancy words you’ve learned this year. When in doubt, whack your thesaurus out! (A word of caution… do ensure that the sentense still makes sense).

I believe in you.

I say again, you are not alone! Self care is imperative, and there is always someone willing to help. Get some fresh air, listen to some uplifiting music, and most of all, perservere.


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