Deadpool 2: An exercise in meta-fiction!

This is littered in spoilers, if you haven’t watched the film, don’t read any further. I will try not to give everything away though.

I sat in the Curzon cinema with Daniel ready for an immersive & meta experience. I’d seen the first film, so I was ready for the fast-talking protagonist to take us on a gory and probably vengeance fuelled journey. I was not disappointed! If you’ve seen the first Deadpool film, you’ll know that he constantly addresses the audience, freeze frames and narrates his own story. While refreshing, it’s not typical of a Marvel film to be lead from start to finish by the protagonist.

Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first!



While I love the character of Fire fist (played by Julian Dennison) & his many quips, one being, he refers to the lack of plus size mutants in the industry – hilarious! But, isn’t there already a mutant with a troubled past that shoots fire from his fists with a better name? Pyro! He’s in the original X-Men franchise & has basically the same power, he’s just as tortured and also heads over to the “dark-side”. De ja vu? Having said that, Russell’s character allows for Deadpool to become more human, as he shows compassion for the young mutant and lays down his life to change his fate. Doesn’t sound like the Deadpool we know and love, does it? Maybe he’s being softened to join the wider Marvel Universe?

Russell in the high security mutant prison


I’m mostly indifferent about the juggernaut and his “powers”, I do like the idea of an unstoppable force. I couldn’t help but notice that Deadpool’s Juggernaut is bigger & meaner than he was in the X-Men films. I also think it’s highly unlikely that he would have made friends with Russell over a plate of food? I got the feeling he would rather go off on his own and cause some chaos, rather than follow Russell back to his school to enact vengeance… I know there isn’t any rule that dictates continuity, as things vary all the time to serve the plot, so I won’t dwell on this too much.

Next, I want to highlight a few things that I feel guaranteed Deadpool 2’s success.

Post-credit/mid-credit scenes:

Cable (played by Josh Brolin) goes back in time to save Deadpool’s life by putting the skee-ball token in the exact spot where the gunshot would have hit. Deadpool notices that the coin saves his life, and gets all mushy.

Deadpool goes back in time using Cable’s time travelling watch that was fixed by Nega-sonic teenage warhead* & saves Peter, who arguably shouldn’t even have been in X-Force & can now go back to his normal, non-super life. Let’s call Peter comic relief, as the other members of X-Force were just too heavy. All we really needed was a strong black woman! He also goes back in time to make sure that he kills the last man that shows up at his flat, effectively saving Vanessa’s life. All of this is set to Cher’s – If I could turn back time, making it absolutely iconic.

As if this wasn’t enough, Deadpool also goes back in time to kill his un-developed and mouthless self in X-Men Origins Wolverine, and he calls this “cleaning up the time-line”. I love Wolverine, but I think we can all agree that this film was not his best moment, & it didn’t leave much in the way of development for Deadpool, as here he was merely Col. Stryker’s Weapon X. Deadpool also steps into reality for a moment & kills a younger looking Ryan Reynold’s while he looks at the script for Green Lantern. (META) This isn’t the first time we’ve been told that Reynold’s hated his role in the Green Lantern film. In fact, he refers to it in his first film, asking for his costume not be green. HA!

Left to right: Domino, Deadpool and Cable

Breaking the fourth wall (in moments):

– Deadpool signs ‘Ryan Reynolds’ on the cereal box in the middle of a fight scene

– Deadpool’s draws attention to foreshadowing in the plot at the beginning of the film

– Deadpool looks over to the camera, in close-up shot delivering the line, “that’s just lazy writing”

– Deadpool’s quip to Nega-sonic teenage warhead, “woah, just fix it eleven, or I’ll take it to the Genius Bar”

– Deadpool moans that the real X-Men are never at the mansion when he is, & cleverly, there’s a camera pan to the main X-Men (Cyclops, Storm, Beast, Quicksilver, Nightcrawler and Professor X) who shut the door slowly on him to keep themselves out of the movie. I personally really enjoyed this moment as I had the same question in the first film.


In my opinion, the best character! I loved Domino (played by Zazie Beets), she was so effortless & laid back, & brought an interesting take to being a super-hero. Her “powers” are the first of their kind in the MCU, where an external force seems to order her steps & she does whatever she thinks is best, looking for her “cosmic reason for being there”. Her life comes in full circle, leading her to the Essex School where she saves the children being subjected to the same abuse that she suffered. We love a well developed female character, and Domino is a natural hair queen. Say it with me; slay!

Our heroine, Domino


Brad Pitt was also in this movie, he was cast as the Vanisher, and is only shown for a few moments while he is electrocuted, making it hilarious for a second.

* what kind of name is Nega-sonic teenage warhead??!

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