What should I do with my FUPA?

So now that I’ve lost some weight; I don’t know what to do with myself. I used to read lots of stories about other people’s weight loss journeys, and I would only get partly inspired, thinking I could never do what they did.

My ultimate truth was that leading a more active lifestyle would make the change. I went from being almost 100 kilos to the low 80’s in the space of a year.  I made a commitment to myself in February that I would try harder, stop eating yum yums every few days and move more. It was incredibly hard, my bf was my rock & supported me tonnes.

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 23.25.45
Homemade Margherita Pizza

Partly because my new place had 3 flights of stairs… partly because I now lived far away from uni and partly because I made better food choices. I started to change my diet and replaced things with lactose slowly, without even knowing. I ate oats for breakfast and learned an oat pancake recipe. I started making my own pizzas, meatpies, pancakes & lasagnes adding wheatgrass to everything I ate. I then cut out red meat and looked to have veggies when I could. I’m still a wuss when it comes to these, I can only eat green beans, peas, corn, red peppers and carrots if they are extremely small, but it’s a start.

I started taking water with me everywhere I went, and aimed to refill it as much as I could to maximise my water intake. At first I resented water and craved juice, but I learned to love it! I started to change my drinking habits too. No more concentrated juice, and even diluted the pressed juices with water. I learned to love the taste. It wasn’t as sweet, but it was still rewarding. I eventually came to terms with the fact that cheese was making me ill. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 23.26.00
Turkey Meat Pie w/ rustic salad

By June people noticed I was shrinking. I found I just couldn’t stomach red meat anymore, my body just refused it. Which was odd, I used to be a fillet steak girl & travel distances for a 5 Guys. I couldn’t keep down greek yoghurt anymore – again odd – it used to be my go-to. I noticed that these things made me ill, made my tummy churn and made me nauseous. Who am I? Who am I becoming? Am I one of those health nuts now?

What’s the point of eating them, if they’re slowly killing you? No more lactose. No more red meat. No more cheese. (The last cheese I’d had, in a Turkey Sub gave me a painful mouth ulcer). I didn’t need anymore proof. Oddly enough, changing my diet helped me lose some of the weight. I also did some research into where I store fat & how I could avoid it. Did you know stress makes you fat?? It make me fat. The stress hormone cortisol is my nemesis. I run from stress now.

I don’t need it, I don’t want it, and I do my best to avoid it!

I see now that my body looks different and my former full out tummy is now a fupa.

What do I do with this fupa? I’m growing tired of tucking it into my high waisted jeans. If someone else had my body and my story, I would be praising them for being so disciplined and getting to this stage, but I can’t seem to do that for myself. Personally, I go in and out of feeling proud. In and out of liking the changes. I’d like to lose another 10 kilos & that’s what I say before I accept a compliment… It’s gonna be hard, considering it only gets harder the smaller you get…

I’d like to see my cheekbones again, and feel my collarbones, out and proud. I’d like to fit my chubby fingers into my rings and shimmy into my tightest jeans. The hard work starts now!

(More tips in my YT video)

2 thoughts on “What should I do with my FUPA?

  1. Faith A

    Welldone on your journey so far, I wish I had the same discipline.
    Just wondering, why did you add wheatgrass to everything? What benefits did it give you?


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