Yorica! I’ve found it!

I’m serious! I’ve found a dairy-free ice-cream that tastes better than the real thing! The secret is coconut milk…

A little while ago my friend Ell told me about an allergen-free ice-cream place. I have to be honest, I was excited, as I was dying for some! After finding out I had an aversion for most dairy products (lactose intolerance) I felt lost and confused, as I loved my dairy and often indulged in a quick Ben & Jerry’s.

So in the middle of a date w/ the boyf, I asked if we could stop in SoHo to sate my craving. We walked up to Wardour Street and after looking around located the Yorica! I had been pre-warned by Ell that they didn’t take cash in the store (to reduce the number of allergens coming in and the general cleanliness), so was ready to use my contactless card for the purchase. I ended up being treated, as Dan’s card pipped mine to the post; such a gent!

In the store, I was faced with the options of soft serve or a scoop of one of their luxurious ice-cream flavours. My eyes and tummy decided on a single scoop of Gooey Vanilla Cookie. I opted to top it with some fresh blueberries to add a touch of fruit. Let me just say: YUM! My tastebuds tingled and rejoiced! Finally, an ice-cream I could eat that wouldn’t kill me. Dan got a Double Chocolate Cookie scoop & we both tucked in. I forgot to take a picture before we started, so here’s a half-eaten snap. (Sorry!)


Cheekily I went back to Yorica! last week for another scoop of Gooey Vanilla Cookie, this time without the blueberries. The scoop was so good I didn’t miss them. It was creamy, and sweet with small hints of a crumbly chocolate cookie. The most perfect blend of dessert flavours I have ever had. It was almost like a deconstructed raspberry cheesecake, just lush!

Yorica! were outside my work recently in a cute little promo van touting some new flavours. I tried the Salted Caramel& while it was good, it wasn’t Gooey Vanilla Cookie good. That being said; I highly recommend going there, as they have a wide range of flavours, & offer waffles and crepes to go with their ice-cream. It’s open late, & they have a loyalty card too! So there’s literally no reason not to pop in after work.

Maybe I’ll see you there?

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