2/4 Canterbabes in LDN

Nisha & I met up in the idyllic Soho after her interview at Chin Chin. She was un-sure about her performance & wondering if she’d be successful, (she got the job btw). I was hungry. As always.

Honestly; these days, it seems like I am pertepetually hungry, like I could always eat. I’m not talking huge honking meals though, I like to nibble here & there. I am debating whether it’s better for me to have 3/4 meals a day with a snack, or 6/7 smaller bites a day, & maybe a tea. We decided we’d try to use my tastecard to get a good deal on our meal, so I searched the local area for something we’d both like to eat.

At first, we decided we’d have a Morrocan feast & called ahead for a table. We headed over to the listed address to find that it was closed & honestly, we were confused. I had literally just spoken to a person… Trying again, we found a lovely Italian place that we both hadn’t tried before, just next to Leicester Square & chic looking. Inside; I ordered a personal pizza with rocket, parma ham (don’t judge me… I don’t usually eat red meat), & a repeat offender – cheese, well parmesan in this case. Suffice to say, my tummy was unsettled, but I was feeling pleased with myself. The lovely Nisha ordered a creamy pasta dish with prawns. With my tastecard, it was half off, so we spent about £7/8. Suffice to say, my tummy was unsettled, but my mind was happy. The lovely Nisha ordered a creamy pasta dish with prawns.

With my tastecard, it was half off, so we spent about £7/8 each. Tasty – in more ways than one.

Next, we wandered into a pop-up Christmas fayre, situated in the middle of Leicester Square, we passed through looking at the various stalls and giggling at the inflated prices. (Sorry, not sorry). Searching for something to do, we came across the National Portrait Gallery & noticed it was free entry. Freebies are key when you’re a grad trying to experience a little culture in London. We “oohed” & “ahhed” at the various works of art, spent some time studying the brush work & the different styles of painting displayed.

The thing I remember most was an exhibit called “Black is the new Black”. I was triggered by the title, but I guess I understood what they were going for. They had 20 different famous/notable black people that have contributed to politics, art, fashion, sport and general culture. Naturally, we made a game of it, seeing how many we could guess without reading the guide. I think I got a solid 60% correct, having seen a lot of them before and knowing of their work.

I think it says something about London that such an exhibit exists – almost as though it says that being black is the new “in thing”. My skin is timeless and unchangable, so to reduce it to a fashionable trend just purely baffles me… Getting bored of the art, (I won’t lie, I did. Partly because I was still turned off by the “Black” exhibit), somewhere in the Victorian era, we decided to grab another bite. This time dessert.

I knew of only one place that was local, serving a good dairy-free treat, ‘Yorica!‘. I’ve harped on & on about ‘Yorica!‘, so I’ll keep it schtum here. All in all, I had a great day, & I really enjoying hanging out with my friend. Days like this were a rarity as she used to live in Venice, & when in the UK in Stevenage. All the way out in the sticks!

In hindsight, I have to be honest, having had a scoop from Chin Chin, the texture is better, & that makes all the difference. They freeze the ice-cream instantly with Liquid Nitro – mixing science and flavour for a unique taste experience. However, this is not to say that I wouldn’t visit Yorica! again, for the simple reason that they have more flavours, & they are ALL allergen free.

I’m sure Chin Chin will be expanding their vegan flavours soon – personally I think it would be good to have a vegan alternative for all their current flavours, but I imagine that would be a lot of work.

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