I worked as a waitress for 3 weeks, here’s what I thought

  • Tip your waiter/waitress; they work hard!
  • Service charges on busy days/large tables should be mandatory
  • There’s lots of little jobs that go into your experience (cleaning & setting up tables)
  • Chopping & changing lots of things on your order is annoying, so don’t blame me if it comes out a little wrong.
  • If you are more polite, we’ll be more likely to serve you quicker. Polite customers make our day.
  • When you complain, we lowkey laugh at you… Especially when it’s not our fault.
  • If you want to use a discount; be upfront about it at the beginning. This means you Taste carders… Say it with your chest!
  • Why would you order a vegan burger with real cheese? Are you okay, or do you just want to waste my time?
  • Splitting the bill at the end is stressful at the best of times… If the POS allows me to do at your table great! If not… watch me run forward and back to sort this out for you. Have you heard of Venmo or Monzo bill splitting?
  • We do not live to serve you, treat us like people. I manage be a nice customer in other outlets, why can’t you?

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