Enter Plant Based Dams

So, in January I watched a bunch of documentaries & made the jump, pretty much overnight, (read about it here), & yes, my family still think it’s banter.

5 months in, I have decided that I am going to stick with it, but with some adjustments. I’ll switch to plant based, meaning I won’t run away from foods that have slight non-vegan friendly ingredients – eggs, some oils & the like. If I tell you I haven’t out & out eaten the odd cinnamon roll, cookie or tuna bagel, I’m lying. It’s hard out here! I personally don’t understand how an oil can be vegan or non-vegan… I’m going to have to look it up, so I’ll get back to you.

It wasn’t until I was in Canterbury last month, sat in a Spoons with Nisha that I really had to confront the premium on my new diet. Granted, it is getting cheaper to buy vegan friendly alternatives if you’re cooking at home, (especially the junk food). I often buy Quorn & meat-free products. But, on the whole, it’s still quite pricey, especially if you’re out to eat. I ordered a vegan all-day breakfast (Quorn sausages, chips & beans). Unsurprisingly, I wasn’t satisfied. This shouldn’t shock you, anyone that tells you that vegan food is filling… is lying! I could eat every hour. I have to trick my tummy.

Not even an hour later, I bit the bullet & ordered a halloumi wrap & more chips.  I noticed that this time my plate was fuller, & started to wonder if I have been punishing myself? It’s a sticky one, I would definitely feel the halloumi later, but could not deny the value for money… I wondered if I should I hop over to the flexitarian side, or stick with it? Could I eat meat again? Probably not, I remember that it’s tasty, (though heavy), but I can’t see the raw meat in the same detached way… it grosses me out now.

Every time I smell raw meat, I cringe. I think I’m done.

Here’s the truth:

  • if you want to do it properly & have all the variety, being a full-on vegan is expensive.
  • Being a wholefood vegan is even more expensive…  (this is the really healthy one, but it’s incredibly restrictive).

Personally, I think the latter is an extreme diet & do not recommend solely following it. You guys…. Variety is the spice of life! “You cannot come & kill yourself”.

I think a plant-based describes my new diet & lifestyle a lot better, I mean I have a vegan deodorant now… I am actively avoiding animal products where I can & I am even thinking of moving into vegan beauty, but let’s be real… I’m not about to throw out all of my current make-up & cry about fur.

I sympathise, but in my heart, I am not completely convicted. Give me a year, maybe I’ll get there. At best, I was only a baby vegan.

Find me here at www.plantbaseddams.com/

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